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2011 Submissions

DubSystem Dubstep Song

2010 Submissions

Steppin Dubstep Song
-=(colors)=- Dance Song
-=(Electric House)=- Dance Song
-=(The Show)=- Dance Song
-=(The Graffiti Artist)=- General Rock Song
-=(Neon Lights)=- Dance Song
-=(RoboStep)=- Dubstep Song
-=(Can You Hear The Crowd)=- Techno Song
-=(Anthem)=- Dance Song
-=(When Worlds Collide)=- Miscellaneous Song
-=(Symphony of Space)=- Dance Song
-=(Party Night)=- Techno Song
-=(Aliens)=- Techno Song

2009 Submissions

-=(Slow Song)=- General Rock Song
-=(Summer)=- General Rock Song
-=(Follow The Leader)=- General Rock Song